This is an overview of the machinery at disposal with specifications of the maximum item dimensions. Please, do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt!
CNC lathe Ø 900 x 4000mm with rotating tools. 90mm bore.
Lathe Ø 450 x 5000mm. 85mm bore.
CNC carousel lathe Ø 2500 x 1250mm  
Lathe Ø 260 x 1500mm  
Lathe Ø 220 x 1000mm With digital
Lathe Ø 300 x 1500mm With digital
CNC lathe Ø 300 x 500mm With rotating tools
CNC lathe Ø 200 x 500mm  
CNC machining center

2500 x 1600 x 1000mm

3000 x 1000mm plane
CNC controlled indexable head with 2,5° pitch,
CNC circular table,

CNC machining center

500 x 400 x 400mm

900 x 500mm plane

Milling machine

590 x 215 x 350mm

1000 x 260mm plane

Milling machine

600 x 400 x 230mm

With digital

Lift capacity

5 ton

Under extension to 10 ton