Specialized in large items

The production facility are primarily intended for large items, but we do also make smaller items in series from 1 to approximately 1.000 pcs. See also Equipment for the item dimensions we can handle.



Examples of items manufactured at KC Production A/S


Auger conveyor for waste water treatment
plant with progressive increase
Ø 175mm x 1500mm


Shafts for centrifuge
Ø 320mm x 600mm


Rotors for eccentric pumps
From Ø 70 to Ø 150mm x 2000mm


Top cover for offshore application
Ø 400mm x 200mm



 Spring Housing Cover for
offshore application
Ø 920mm X 120mm


Flanged shafts for machines for
production of synthetic fibre
Ø 960mm x 1850mm